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“Nurturing Unique Individuals”

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Welcome to Lower School

In Lower School we care for and guide your child through the next stage of their journey. We support them in developing essential core skills and we nurture their unique talents through a broad curriculum and a stimulating range of enrichment activities. Our caring, family-orientated approach allows them to flourish, learn and have fun in a safe and secure environment, as they continue to explore and develop their own sense of identity and self awareness and continue to grow in confidence.

Our Aims

We ensure each child develops essential core skills in literacy, numeracy and scientific investigation, reasoning and evaluation to a high standard, by following the requirements of the national curriculum, giving them a solid educational foundation for life inside and outside of school.

Through our broad curriculum, innovative approaches to teaching and varied enrichment programme, we aim to develop each child’s love of learning and their natural sense of curiosity, helping them to discover their own unique creative skills and build imaginations while encouraging both independent learning and teamwork.

We ensure each child begins to develop their own unique sense of identity, self-awareness and self-confidence, through our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) and wellbeing programme and regular recognition of individual achievements, encouraging children to set their own personal development goals.

Lower School Aims


Although we follow the National Curriculum to ensure that the core skills in English, Mathematics and Science are developed to the highest standards, we are also able to offer your child a personalised learning journey above and beyond what they would normally experience. Our high staff to child ratio means that we can be flexible and adapt the curriculum to the specific needs of your child, meaning their learning journey is enriched from an early age.

… fostering a love for reading and using creative approaches to develop written and verbal communication skills and enhance levels of understanding.

… developing core skills and problem solving abilities.

… topics based on the principles of physics, chemistry, biology and scientific investigation e.g. how your body works, forces, the lifecycle of plants.

… including swimming, dance, various sports and developing physical skills.

… we encourage the Lower School children to find out about the world around them and look at how nature and the environment through a topic based approach e.g.weather and climate, where we live, countries of the world.

… giving children the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of important past events and cultures and how they have impacted us throughout time.

Educational Visits

Regular school trips, visiting speakers and workshops are included to enhance and enrich their learning experiences e.g. trips to museums, nature reserves and discovery centres, creative writing workshops with visiting authors, discussion groups with visiting speakers.

… beginning to develop skills in computer usage and programming.

… we strongly encourage modern languages at an early age.

… we nurture artistic abilities through themed projects based on the work of specific artists and styles and projects related to the other timetabled subjects.

… RE helps to prepare children for life by helping them to develop morally and socially. At this stage the focus is on giving children an appreciation of the religions and festivals that people follow throughout the world.

… helping to develop well-rounded young people and prepare our children for life beyond the Tower College Family.

… we encourage a love of music and children have the added opportunity for students to take up an instrument of their choice from Year 2.


Homework is set regularly to reinforce learning and as children progress along their journey through Lower School, they are set regular learning challenges to encourage them to develop their creativity and skills in research, experimentation and evaluation. Assessments are performed throughout the year to monitor the children’s progress.

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“I love all the sport we can do and like the work because it is fun.”

Henry, Year 3