Widen Your Perspective

Widen Your Perspective

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Have you seen this before?
We are usually quick to judge others.
How much should we trust our judgement?
Not just judgement of others but judgement of anything: what we see, hear etc..
I hope that the following ideas and illustrations will at least convince you that we should be more cautious.

There is no triangle. And yet we see it. Is it there?
Our brain is wired to complete any given picture – using the information it is given.
It is a survival skill.

There is no cube! Is there?

Are there spots?
Concentrate on one spot. The others go grey.
When we hear a story, we (almost unconsciously) tend to fill in the missing detail –
based on the information given and our past experience.

Schiaparelli (1880s) observed Mars and thought he saw “canali”.
This was translated as “canals” in English.
Giving rise to the popular myth that there may be a civilisation on Mars.
In the early part of the 1900s, people were genuinely fearful of Martian invasion.

The lines in the middle are not curved.

The two horizontal lines are the same length.

The moon looks bigger when it is near the horizon. Smaller when high in the sky.

Vase or faces?
We are able to hold two conflicting viewpoints at the same time.

All of these things (and more) influence our judgement.
Our judgement of others is very influenced by what we think of ourselves.
People like us more than we like ourselves normally. We usually underestimate this.
We should be slower to come to conclusions.
Perhaps less confident in our opinion and more open to others’ opinions.

Perhaps , since – as we have seen – we are apt to make many mistakes in our judgement,
we should err on the positive side. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
“Give”. As the gospel suggests.
Think better of others and you will find you feel better about yourself.
“Smile and the world smiles back at you.”

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