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“Nurturing Unique Individuals”

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Welcome to Upper School

When your child enters Upper School, they are embarking on one of the most important parts of their journey with us. All our nurturing comes to fruition and we prepare them for life beyond our Tower College family.

We encourage them to be the very best role models to the younger children and develop them into well-rounded young people who have a great sense of what is good, who know right from wrong and show compassion and respect for others.

We encourage your child to be the very best they can be and to strive for academic and personal excellence in the choices they made at the end of Middle School.

We support them in making decisions about the next stage of their education and lives and help them on their path to being successful, unique individuals.

Our Aims

We ensure each child is encouraged to strive for excellence by providing them with a curriculum and enrichment programme carefully designed to inspire and develop the imagination, enabling pupils to develop and excel both academically and personally.

Through our talented staff and tailored approaches to learning, we support our pupils to become independent and critical learners, ready to succeed in Key Stage 4 external examinations and progress successfully to post 16 study and learning.

We ensure the appropriate support is identified and put in place for each h child to enable them to achieve their full potential through carefully tracking and monitoring learning and progress.


When you child enters Upper School they will study compulsory subjects which give them essential skills and the options they have chosen through our child-centred GCSE options system. We believe that individually tailored selections are in the best interests of our pupils and means they will be able to study, in depth, the subjects which play to their strengths and interests. If a pupil is studying subjects of interest to them, which they have chosen themselves, they will be happier, more confident, better engaged and ultimately more successful. If you have a class or tutor group of engaged, happy children, each child will benefit from the positive learning environment and lessons. Parents will find pupils easier to motivate during study, revision and potentially stressful mocks and examinations. Family life, which is not always easy for today’s generation, is aided by giving pupils and parents real choice.

Compulsory Core Subjects

… pupils will study fiction and creative, imaginative writing as well as advanced comprehension.

… we continue to foster a love for reading and literature including the classics and poetry, at the same time as preparing pupils for their examinations based on the texts set by the external examining bodies.

… the emphasis is on mastering problem-solving, reasoning and fluency in mathematical methods and more in-depth study of areas such as algebra and geometry.

… we focus further on the ability to read, understand, write and converse, with further cultural appreciation.

… we continue to help pupils develop morally and socially with a focus on the study of religion from different perspectives, encouraging pupils to learn from the cultural, theological, philosophical and ethical aspects.

… students will continue to be received PSHE and wellbeing education as well as regular PE lessons as part of their week. This is not subject to examination unless pupils have chose PE as an option.

Options Subjects

… pupils with a talent for Maths will have the opportunity to take their studies to the next level.

… theoretical and practical study is combined with mathematical methods in the study of topics such as atomic structure and the periodic table, bonding, structure and properties of matter, quantitative chemistry, energy and chemical changes and organic chemistry.

… our focus is on developing theoretical and practical understanding of topics such as cell biology, infection and response, bioenergetics, ecology, inheritance, variation and evolution and homeostasis.

… on this demanding course, pupils will study theoretical and practical topics relating to areas such as energy, electricity, atomic structure, forces, magnetism and space.

… pupils build performance, leadership and team working skills as well as study related areas of science including applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis, physical training, health, fitness and wellbeing, sport psychology and socio-cultural influences.

Options Subjects

… we continue to nurture a love for music with pupils develop skills in understanding, performing and composing music. being proficient vocally or on an instrument to grade four or five standard is a big advantage when taking this course.

… we continue to encourage artistic appreciation and skills through study of a range of artistic themes and pupils develop a portfolio that covers four assessment objectives and includes a sustained project evidenced from initial engagement to realisation.

… our focus is on specific areas of history relating to the exam board requirements including Elizabethan England, World War II, The USA in the 20th Century and Health and the British people through time.

… we study human and physical Geography including urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world and resource management. Fieldwork is included as part of the GCSE programme.

… life without computers is now unimaginable with nearly every aspect of life relying on technology. In Computer Science children study computational thinking, theory, programming and aspects of software development.

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Our school provides a safe school environment for students to achieve with great potential. It gives a wide choice of opportunities which allows us to grow into independent individuals

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