SAM Learning

SAM Learning

We are always looking for ways to extend students’ learning and improve the progress made by pupils at Tower College. We have recently invested in SAM learning, a unique online resource that all pupils from Year 5 – Year 11 have access to. It covers all the main curriculum areas in Key Stages 3 and 4. There is clear evidence through research that by regularly using SAM Learning your child will make more progress in their learning.

SAM Learning can help your child with their homework, research work, testing their own understanding of a topic or simply increase their knowledge in a chosen subject area. SAM Learning is free to use and because it is online your child can access it from home as well as from school, on tablets, phones and computers.

Please watch the video below which shows the incredible benefits our pupils …

Pupils log onto the SAM Learning account at:

Centre ID: coming soon

User ID: coming soon

Password: same as user ID (can be changed once logged on)

Pupils will be taught how to use the service and you might wish to ask them how it works. The service enables homework to be set and marked which means that you can easily monitor the progress of your child. We hope that your child is able to take full advantage of SAM Learning and thank you in advance for supporting the initiative.

Mrs P Knox


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