Pre-Prep Enrichment Activities

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Enhancing Physical Development

We begin to offer enrichment activities from an early age, helping your child to develop their own unique skills and build a love for learning. Enrichment activities for the younger children run during the school day, at lunch time or sometimes after school as the children get older.

Sporting enrichment allows the children to try new activities and further enhance their physical development. Activities include:

Yoga – introducing the basics and benefits of yoga delivered by a qualified yoga teacher, this is very beneficial for the physical and mental development of younger children

Football – professional coaches teach the children key football skills in the summer months

Swimming – we begin swimming lessons from Year 1

Busy Feet – an opportunity to learn dance and take part in other fun, physical development activities

Developing Compassion

We offer enrichment programmes to the youngest members of our family that will help them to become more self-aware and develop compassion for others, such as:

Playground Friends – the children can train to become playground friends and learn how to help and support their peers and younger children at play times

School Council – The children can stand for a position on the school council where they are elected by their peers to represent and put forward their views and ideas

Pre Prep At Play

Being Creative

Children can develop their creative skills in the arts through activities such as:

Craft club – budding little artists can create to heart their hearts content!

Seal Club – the little ones love playing games and story-telling in Seal Club!

We also make the best use of our beautiful surroundings to help the children discover more about nature and the world around them.