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Welcome to Pre-Prep

The early years are a crucial part in any child’s development as they embark on their exciting new journey through school life. In Pre-Prep we recognise that every child is different and our small class sizes help us to provide the best support and care for your child as they start to build foundations for a successful future.

Our loving, family-orientated approach allows them to flourish and begin to develop both emotionally and socially, in a safe and secure environment. Our priority is to ensure your child is happy and confident and we focus on developing learning skills through creative play, while introducing them to more structure and formality as they progress through to year 1.

Our Aims

We ensure each child begins to develop essential foundation skills, both academic and personal, by following the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and also a broader curriculum as they progress through to year 1, helping to prepare them for the next stage of their journey in Lower School.

Through our small class sizes, nurturing approach and focus on fun, we aim to support each child individually, as they adjust to thestructure of school life and develop their own unique personality and style of learning.

We aim to support each child as they build their self-confidence, self-awareness and respect for others through our PSHE and well-being education and recognition of each child’s progress and achievements.


Our high staff to pupil ratio means that we can offer a nurturing learning experience tailored to your child’s needs and give them the best start in start in life. We also follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework throughout the first years of Pre-Prep, and introduce a broader curriculum as your child progresses and grows in confidence. English, Mathematics and Science related topics are timetabled from the early years.

… children begin to read and write through a phonetic approach to learning and are exposed to a wide range of reading materials to ignite their imagination and interest.

… children evolve their counting, arithmetic and problem solving skills and are introduced to new mathematical concepts.

… opportunities are provided to help children to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves.

… through timetabled PE activities and PSHE education, children continue to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement. They are helped to understand how to respect others, develop self awareness, the importance of appropriate behaviour, taking care of themselves and making healthy choices.

… we help children to discover the world around them and introduce them to important events in time to help them to gain an understanding of where we all come from.

… we believe it is important to introduce technology into the learning environment on a regular basis throughout the early years.

… when children are young, it is the ideal time to introduce them to new languages and we introduce regular Spanish lessons from Year 1.

… we begin to introduce scientific principles through fun approaches to experimentation and evaluation and taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings to teach them about nature and the world they live in.

… this is a fundamental part of the Pre-Prep curriculum helping the children to build their creative skills and express themselves freely.

… religious Education helps to develop children both morally and socially. We begin to give children an understanding and appreciation of the religions and festivals that people follow throughout the world.

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Tower College is special because we don’t have to leave it. We don t have to finish one class and go to another school.

Anabella, Year 1