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“Nurturing Unique Individuals”

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Welcome to Middle School

As your child enters Middle School, we encourage them to take more responsibility for their own learning and development. Having already introduced them to specialist subject teaching through Lower School, the transition during this important stage of their journey is smooth and untroubled. They have a strong sense of belonging to a supportive and close-knit family and their individuality is shining through. We take care to support them as they discover where their strengths and interests lie, culminating in their own choice of subjects when they reach the options stage in Year 8.

Our Objectives

We ensure each child continues to develop essential core skills in literacy, numeracy and scientific investigation, reasoning and evaluation to a high standard, by following the requirements of the national curriculum, giving them a solid educational foundation for life inside and outside of school.

We ensure each child is encouraged to strive for excellence by providing them with a curriculum and enrichment programme carefully designed to inspire and develop the imagination, enabling them to identify where their strengths and interests lie.

We ensure the appropriate support is identified and put in place for each child to enable them to make the right academic and personal choices for their future and prepare for Key Stage 4.


From Year 5, your child will begin to enjoy the new experience of moving to specialist rooms for all their lessons. As an independent school, this is an opportunity that we can offer over and above what your child would normally receive and it helps them to build and sense of independence and organisational skills from an early age. The curriculum is designed to introduce more in depth study in each area, building on the solid foundations laid in Pre-pre and Lower School, to enable your child to make the right GCSE options decisions for them in Year 8.

… pupils begin to study fiction and creative, imaginative writing as well as advanced comprehension and we continue to foster a love for reading by studying literature and poetry in more depth.

… we begin to look at more complex problem-solving, reasoning and mathematical methods.

Chemistry, Physics and Biology

… we now begin to look at these individual subjects in more depth from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

… we have a stronger focus on developing team working skills and learning about the benefits of physical activity and how it affects our bodies.

… we continue to nurture a love for music as children learn more about musical styles and the history of music and introduce them to music theory.

… we continue to foster a love for art and creativity and continue to work on themes based on the work of specific artists and styles and projects, introducing more theoretical elements.

GCSE Options for Year 8

… we now have an increased focus on specific topics and times in history, including events and cultures in ancient history, the middle ages and modern times.

… we introduce the concepts of human and physical geography including environmental and urban issues and challenges and looking at how the world is changing.

… we begin to focus on the ability to read, understand, write and conversational Spanish.

… with our lives surrounded by technology, we begin to look at the more complex areas of computing in more detail such as computational thin king and programming.

… we continue to help pupils develop morally and socially with a focus on the study of religion from different perspective.

… we continue to help to develop well-rounded young people and prepare our children for life beyond theTower College Family.

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I feel very thankful to be learning, socialising and having fun here in this lovely school

Sophia, Year 8