Meals’ Questionnaire

Meals’ Questionnaire

Dear Parents

Please would you let us know your thoughts on the meal provision by responding to the questionnaire below. Over the years we have had several questionnaires and responded to them, but tastes and views change and we are aware of the need for updating.

To please all families is not easy – over the years, we have made many changes in response to parents’ views -new items please some and upset others.  We have parents who want only ‘healthy’ items, and others who worry that their children are hungry after a busy, active day at school and would rather they ate what they liked than were faced with options that may be good for them but are not to their taste.

I do not believe that schools should be ‘food police’ and think that parents should feed their children as they see fit, so we want to work together to provide children with meals that they will enjoy and that parents will be happy with.

I have many anecdotes from friends with children and grandchildren about schools being over prescriptive about what is sent in in packed lunches – apparently cheese should be banned! Growing children need a good balance of all food groups – cutting out calcium rich products is as detrimental to children as giving them big fat doughnuts at every meal!

The questionnaire is anonymous, but to help with our planning we would like to know your child’s age, allergies, special needs, health issues and religion, each of which can impact on a child’s diet.

Please do get involved in this process; the better the response, the better informed we will be to do the very best for our children.

With thanks for your support and input,

R J Oxley(Miss)

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