Lower School Enrichment Activities

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Enhancing Physical Development

A wide range of enrichment activities is offered to every child in Lower School, helping them to develop their own unique skills beyond the traditional
curriculum and foster an enthusiasm for learning. Enrichment activities run at various times of the day including break and lunch times, after school and as
part of some timetabled activities.

Sporting enrichment allows the children to try new activities and find something that fits with their own personal interests and abilities. Activities include:

Yoga – introducing the basics and benefits of yoga delivered by a qualified yoga teacher, this is very beneficial for the physical and mental development of younger children

Football – professional coaches teach the children key football skills

Swimming – we begin swimming lessons from Year 1

Judo – practise in this martial art delivered by a professional Judo Sensei

Science and Creative Activities

Our budding scientists and engineers can enjoy developing their curiosity and imagination through clubs such as:

Science Club – children can experiment to their heart’s content!

Lego Club – Lego provides the perfect vehicle to stretch a child’s creativity and imagination

Nature Club – our spectacular grounds offer the perfect environment for budding botanists and zoologists!

Children can develop their creative skills in the arts and music through activities such as:

Choir and ‘Sing Up’ – aspiring Pop Stars can develop their vocal talents!

Dance Club – children can express themselves through the creative medium of dance

Art Club – budding artists can create their own unique masterpieces

1to1 music tuition, for an instrument of their choice, is available at an extra charge

Developing Compassion

We offer enrichment programmes your child to develop personally, become more self-aware and develop compassion for others, such as:

School Council – The children can stand for a position on the school council where they are elected by their peers to represent and put forward their views and ideas;

Playground Friends – the children can train to become playground friends and learn how to help and support their peers and younger children at play times.

Lower School Council

We also make the best use of our beautiful surroundings to help the children discover more about nature and the world around them.