Integrated Inspection 2012

Integrated Inspection 2012

Our Inspection report from the ISI Inspection of Tower College that took place in November 2012 has now been finalised and sent to us for distribution to parents.

Although the inspection added to the hectic time we have at the end of every Autumn Term, we are delighted that the Inspection Team have recognised that all of our aims for our children are met.

The Report is available below, but if you would prefer to receive a hard copy from school, please just ask.

Below are the main the main findings. The complete version of the Inspection Report 2012 is available on the ISI website: (Click here)


2.(a) Main findings

2.1 The school successfully meets its aims. Throughout the school, including in the EYFS, the pupils’ achievement is good, both in their academic work and in their activities. All pupils, including those with SEND, with EAL and those who are gifted and talented, make good progress in relation to their abilities as a result of the good teaching they receive. In the EYFS, progress is good in relation to the children’s starting points. The pupils’ achievements are well supported by the good curricular provision. Following the recommendation of the previous inspection, the provision for creative subjects has been extended. The range of technological subjects remains limited to ICT. In the EYFS, few opportunities are offered for children to develop their ICT skills. Following the recommendations of the previous inspection, extra-curricular provision has been extended although it remains limited. In the EYFS, as at the previous inspection, the outdoor learning environment is not used effectively to extend the children’s learning. In the EYFS, support for children with EAL is largely confined to an extra-curricular activity rather than within the curriculum, which limits progress. The pupils’ achievements in all parts of the school are supported by their good attitudes to their work, the good skills they develop and their excellent behaviour.

2.2 The pupils’ personal development is excellent throughout the school. The pupils’ spiritual development is very strong. Their social development is excellent and they have a keen awareness of cultural issues. They have a very strong sense of right and wrong, including the youngest children in the EYFS. Pupils demonstrate a high level of mutual respect and support for each other and for all members of the school community. Pupils of all ages willingly take on responsibility and make a valuable contribution to the school and the wider community. Excellent arrangements are in place for pastoral care. Pupils are encouraged to have healthy lifestyles; however, the variety of food offered at lunchtimes is limited. Arrangements to promote pupils’ welfare, health and safety are good. All required policies are now in place.

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