Why Tower?

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Why should you choose Tower College?

We believe every child deserves the best

At Tower College we recognise that every child has their own individual needs and deserves the best education experience, tailored just for them. Every child is unique and special and everything we do is designed to nurture them, both academically and personally, as they embark on the the most important journey of their life. Our small classes and high staff to pupil ratio means that we can offer a truly tailored learning experience.

We help your child to flourish and grow

We are an inclusive school and pride ourselves on our safe, secure and fun family environment which means every child flourishes. We teach them to show kindness and respect to others, recognising their achievements, both big and small. This helps them to thrive and grow in confidence and develop a great sense of belonging to our loving and diverse family, building life-long friendships on the way. It is testament to our nurturing and family approach that so many of our past pupils and our staff send their own children to our school and many staff are past pupils themselves.

Your child will get the support they need

We support every child from those crucial early years, which are so critical to a child’s development, all the way through to 16, an age when then they can truly begin to make their own decisions about how they want to shape the rest of their lives. We also involve our parents as the children progress through the school with opportunities to meet the teams at ‘Meet the Teacher’ events. This means that transition through each stage of school life is smooth and seamless.

We can inspire your child

As an independent school we are not restricted by the constraints of the National Curriculum and although we follow the framework to ensure high standards of core skills, we are also able to offer a much broader curriculum and inspire children with a diverse range of enrichment activities, which mean your child’s learning journey goes far beyond what they would normally experience.

We can help your child excel

We help every child find their own strengths and talents and help them to excel in whatever they choose. We strive for academic excellence and our proven track record and sporting success, as well as our approach to developing self-aware and compassionate young people, means that our children leave, us having been given the best start, as well-rounded human beings, well equipped with the skills to move on to the next stage in their education and their lives.