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Project Description

Tower College Meal Provision

We take a lot of time and care in devising our meal plans, snack and water provision.

We work with the parents and children as well as external agencies in providing a well-balanced diet that will be popular with children of all ages, and with their parents.  The pupils and parents are regularly asked to complete questionnaires giving feedback, suggestions and ideas.

From this we spend a few weeks trialling new foods and seeing how popular they prove.  Our most recent questionnaire led us to believe that risotto would be very popular – sadly the pupils did not enjoy any of the various risottos we tried!

We are aware that some parents want every item to be ‘healthy’.  Children of all ages do need a balance of all food groups; their day is active and in some cases long so the pupils do need carbohydrates for energy as arriving home ‘starving’ and diving for snacks is not conducive to a good balance.

The pupils have access to ‘cooled’ water and bring in their own Tower College water bottles which are named for hygiene purposes.  These can be filled at our Bottle Filling Stations at locations around the school.

Pupils of Pre Prep and Lower school are given fresh fruit at their break times and Middle and Upper School bring in a fruit snack of their own for break time.  No other snacks are allowed.  Chewing gum is also banned for hygiene reasons.

The three weekly menu is pictured below

Crispy salad, pasta in a choice of mascarpone sauce, tomato and basil sauce or tuna and mayonnaise sauce or, alternately, pasta with meatballs. Fresh fruit and yoghurts.

Pupils who have health issues, such as coeliac disease, soya, nut, egg or dairy allergies, are catered for as are vegetarians and those who make religious dietary choices.  As with main meals, pupils feedback and preferences are taken into account.

Pupils are not allowed to bring a packed lunch, except in very special circumstances and only with specific permission from the Principal.

The pupils are supervised in the Dining Hall by teaching staff who help and encourage the little ones to try new things, and to learn table skills and manners.  They also ensure that older pupils are eating sensibly, being aware of the impact of eating disorders on young people.

Our aim is that lunchtime should be an enjoyable time for pupils as they mature in their likes and dislikes , their  table manners and their social skills.