Gala Day 2017

Gala Day 2017


Article & Video by Miss T-J Beaumont – Former Pupil and Parent

I was delighted to receive a personal invitation to the Annual Tower College Gala Day in July this year, shortly before the end of term. As a past pupil myself and given that my son had the privilege of Head Boy status a couple of years ago, we were both really looking forward to it. In fact, my son seizes every opportunity he can to revisit, hardly surprising now that he is an honorary member of the Tower College family. In fact, it is fair to say that he never wanted to leave in the first place!

Fortunately, the weather was kind to us, given that there was a wide variety of stalls selling their wares. From raffle tickets and home-made cakes, to football and face painting, there is even a chance to drown a brave Mr Dolan with a very wet sponge!

The smiles on the faces of the children speak volumes, children, parents and staff alike, coming together to enjoy themselves, whilst raising money for charity.

There was a farm again this year which is always a firm favourite, particularly with the younger children. A chance for the little ones to stroke a goat or get up close and personal with a turkey or two! A hygiene station is close by to ensure tiny hands are kept clean, attention to detail as always.

The bouncy castle and slide are occupied until the very end, I wish I had the same staying power. The giant skittles were great fun, particularly as they were rather lightweight and proved tricky to those keeping them upright when the wind was blowing!

All in all, it was an afternoon well spent and it was very enjoyable indeed. Moreover, it’s good to know that Tower College has continued to move with the times. I think this is really important when you consider how much our world is changing. But whilst there are visible changes in the uniforms, the décor and facilities, the sense of belonging, compassion and achievement remains the same. Whenever I return, it is plain to see that no matter what happens in the outside world, inside these walls the children look after each other, whilst being encouraged at every stage to develop into the grownups of the future.


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