CATs Testing

CATs Testing

Ensuring the best possible progress …

As part of our assessment programme we use several sets of pupil data to monitor your child’s progress and inform our teaching.

One of the tools we use is the CAT4 Test/ Progress Test Series/ New Group Reading Test from GL Assessment to give us an acute understanding of a pupil’s potential. This data is considered alongside any other assessments made throughout the year, formal or informal, to inform our teaching. As part of this process we also do a comparison of pupil CAT4, PT Series and NGRT results with their eventual grade at KS2 and GCSE level.

Therefore, we authorise on your behalf for our KS2 and GCSE results to be supplied to GL Assessment who then deliver back to us a comparative analysis. This gives us a very useful report as part of an ongoing assessment programme at the school.

As we take the safeguarding of our pupil data very seriously, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how your child’s assessment data is used to continually improve the teaching and learning process at the school. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

A safe, secure framework for Education

GL Assessment is the leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools, as well as providing assessments for overseas ministries and British, bilingual and international schools in over 100 countries worldwide.

For over 30 years, we have provided assessments for children’s education, mental health and wellbeing. Recognising that technology is a driver for educational change, we have pioneered a powerful digital assessment system, which has delivered over 7 million online tests across the globe. We continue to innovate with adaptive testing and tablet-based assessments.

We believe in working with the largest possible pool of experts, to ensure that our assessments are rigorous, academically sound and in line with current best practice in education. As a result, we can list King’s College London, the University of York and the Australian Council for Educational Research among our partners.

Users of our assessments will attest to the comprehensive integrated support system we offer. We support schools from purchase of our assessments onwards, providing training, online support and other services. Watch our video to learn more.

Building a ‘whole pupil’ approach

We believe in a ‘whole pupil’ approach to assessment, one that covers ability, attitude and attainment to provide a holistic view of each pupil. This approach provides teachers and senior leaders with the data and insights to:

Inform teaching and learning
Track progress effectively
Provide evidence of progress and value added to Ofsted and parents
Identify barriers to learning and motivate students
Diagnose and monitor additional educational needs
Facilitate whole school improvement.

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