Building Community: Mr DArcy

Building Community: Mr DArcy

It may be that you can see this already. However, you will surely understand and appreciate this more as you get older and even more so when you leave Tower College and you look back at the experience that you had here.

When we practice these three words, we are building the community at Tower College. All of us play our part in this.

The community here at Tower College is something that I have come to appreciate over the years that I have taught here. It can be seen most clearly at events like Sports Day and Gala Day when pupils are helping to build a success together and particularly in the way that older pupils help younger pupils.

I would like to show you a video of Geese! You will see how in nature we can find useful examples of how a group or community supports one another to better achieve their aims.

As you saw in the video, the geese support one another in many ways:

  • Staying in V formation helps make the journey easier – just as when we support another person, they find their task easier.
  • When one goose moves out of line, they immediately feel it’s harder to fly, so they move back into V formation – just as we can step out of line, but quickly feel that we stand out from others and make it more difficult for us and them to achieve our goal, so we move back.

AS teachers, we get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the Achievement, Belonging and Compassion in action at Tower College.

Not just academic (it is great for us to be present on results day when the year 11 pupils find out their successes) or Sports achievement, but all the charitable activities that you undertake. We also see how pupils have small personal successes – developing socially as well as in other ways.

I have been struck by how pupils demonstrate a sense of belonging to the Tower College community. I see this also when I occasionally meet with or receive messages of thanks from past pupils – I am struck by the strong connection that they feel with the school after their time here at Tower College.

Compassion is easy to see every day in so many ways that you can see pupils supporting one another and teachers supporting pupils. I have often noticed how a person who has come here from a more difficult environment quickly feels accepted and begins to thrive.

In fact pupils thriving is exactly what you can see in Tower College for all the reasons above. This is the strength of the community at Tower College. We can all play our part in building this.

This was surely what St Paul was thinking when he wrote to the Ephesians. He understood the behaviour that creates a thriving community and he tried to encourage them in building it by saying:

 Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Ephesians 4: 1-2

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